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The Penguins of Madagascar Operation: Antarctica (2012)

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Metai: 2012
Žanras: Animaciniai, Komedijos, Nuotykių, Veiksmo
Režisierius: Brandon Sawyer.
Aktoriai: Jeff Bennett, Ciara Bravo, John Di Maggio, Danny Jacobs, Tom McGrath, Ed O'Neill, Andy Richter, French Stewart, James Patrick Stuart.
Kalba: Anglų

Operation: Antarctica – After the Penguins thwarted Cecil and Brick’s latest crime, Private discovers a young leopard seal named Hunter, who’s about to become prepackaged fish food. Having saved her, Private travels with Hunter back to Antarctica after Kowalski accidentally launches the both of them into the East River. It now becomes two missions: One to ensure Hunter’s safe return to Antarctica and one to retrieve Private from the leopard seals. But will the Penguins succeed, or will they end up as dinner for the village?

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