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Rise of the Zombies (2012)

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Metai: 2012
Žanras: Veiksmo / Siaubo / Trileris
Režisierius: Nick Lyon
Aktoriai: Mariel Hemingway, Chad Lindberg, LeVar Burton, Heather Hemmens, Hector Luis Bustamante, Angelique Cinelu, Andy Clemence, Frank Forbes, Hayden Forbes, Kerisse Hutchinson, Jon Kondelik, John A. Lorenz, Mercy Malick, Aleh Neliubin, Peter Ngo
Kalba: Anglų

A group of survivors is holed up at Alcatraz Prison in the wake of an undead pandemic. Their life is peaceful for only so long, however. Soon, the zombies are at their cell doors and they have to evacuate to the mainland or die.

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