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Aladdin And The Death Lamp (2012)

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Metai: 2012
Žanras: Siaubo / Fantastika
Režisierius: Mario Azzopardi
Vaidina: Kandyse McClure, Darren Shahlavi ir Noam Jenkins
Kalba: Anglų

Aladdin the adventurer and his friend Ali accidentally uncover a lamp that contains a genie. But unlike the story we know, this genie does not grant three wonderful wishes. This genie destroys everything in its way by turning the keeper’s thoughts into living nightmares. After witnessing the death of his fellow adventurers when the genie is released, Aladdin and surviving friend Ali turn to the village elder to uncover the history of the lamp, only to find the evil Shahir has been following them, hoping to take hold of the lamp and fulfill his own diabolical plans to have unlimited power. Aladdin, Ali, and Shifa, daughter of the elder, have no choice but to find the antidote to the lamp. The trio soon discovers there is a map that leads to an ancient magic ring, the only source that can destroy the genie and send him back to the hell from which he came...

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